About Our Turkeys

Kelsalls's Traditional Home-Reared Turkeys

You can really trust us when it comes to ordering your Christmas Turkey this year. We wont sell you a turkey which is obviously going to be too big for you and your family - but we wont sell you something which is too small for your needs either!

Our turkeys are the best in the area we think and the fact that we won Best in Show for five years running suggests that we might be right!

The turkey you sit down to on Christmas day will be just right - whether that is a whole turkey, a turkey crown or one of our special turkey rolls - its what we do best!

Our turkeys have been slowly and responsibly reared on our farm since June. Every group of turkeys is different and some grow more than others - thats why we have birds of different weights available this year as in every other year. You can order from a 10lb (4kg) turkey right up to ones around 30lb (15kg) - just take your pick -its as easy as that.

So treat yourself to the real thing this Christmas and enjoy one of the finest turkey dinners you will ever have had with a Kelsall turkey.

Kelsall traditional white and Bronze Turkeys are from the same breed but have slightly darker colouring, particularly around the legs. They taste just as delicious as the standard white birds, in fact some people prefer them. The good news for you is that if you do prefer a bronze turkey, we wont be charging you any more for one, unlike some of our competitors. Why not try one this year?

We promise you wont be disappointed!

Kelsalls Home Reared Turkeys

We can guarantee tracability as we do not buy in from any other farms or markets

Quality you can rely on